Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes and No. Unfortunately, 90% of banks will not provide loans to brand new companies as the company does not have a valid credit score. However, we can assist new companies in negotiating with banks, provided that the company’s bank statements for the past 6 months show an average of RM50K per month.

A: There can be many reasons as to why a company seeks funding. Here are some key factors:

  • To Amplify Leverage
  • To Fuel Business Expansion
  • To Ensure Healthy Cashflow
  • To Enhance Corporate Credibility
  • To Facilitate Reinvestment

A: For more information on the documents needed for funding applications, please check out How To Apply For Funding page.  

A: Profit and loss is one of the factors lenders will review on your funding application. The profit and loss statement summarises revenues and expenses of your business during a fiscal quarter of the year. With these records, the lender can get a bigger picture of your business’ ability to be profitable.

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