Debt financing is a method used by businesses and individuals to raise capital by borrowing funds from external sources.

It allows borrowers to access capital that they may not have on hand, facilitating opportunities for growth, investment, and financial flexibility. Funds can come from many different sources, such as banks, financial institutions, or individual investors, with the promise of repaying the borrowed amount plus interest over a specified period.

Debt financing encompasses various forms, including loans, bonds, lines of credit, mortgages, and more. Each type will have its own terms and conditions.

It’s essential for borrowers to carefully consider their ability to service the debt, as they must be responsible for making regular interest payments and eventually repay the principal amount. 

Our solutions for Debt Financing span the areas below:

Bank/SME Loan

One of the most common and traditional methods of financing a business.

Alternative Funding

Non-traditional methods for obtaining financing may work when facing challenges through traditional channels.