Required Documents for Loan Applications

The necessary documents that you will need to produce will vary according to the type of loan application.

You should have the following documents prepared when applying:

For Sdn Bhd

  1. Business registration forms – Form 24, 44, 49 & M&A / super form 58
  2. Copies of all directors’ IC
  3. Form C + receipt (if any)
  4. Latest audited reports for past 2 years
  5. Latest management accounts
  6. Latest debtors and creditors aging list
  7. Latest bank statements for past 6 months

For Sole Proprietor / Partnership

  1. Copy of Director’s IC
  2. Full set of SSM documents
  3. Latest bank statements for past 6 months
  4. Latest management accounts
  5. Latest profit & loss statements for past 2 years
  6. Latest Form BE and tax receipt for past 2 years

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